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Students reading together
Achieve Academy Visits Preschool on Poze!

For the last two months, Achieve students have been studying birds and, for the final project of their unit, they wrote riddle books about their favorite ones. Students researched birds like penguins, hummingbirds, and bluejays using textbooks and an app, and then wrote and illustrated their books.

Achieve students visited Preschool on Poze to read their riddles and let preschoolers offer their best guesses as to what kind of bird they were describing.

Writing the books made the Achieve students even more invested in their unit and reading to the preschoolers was a good service project. As an Expeditionary Learning (EL) school, Achieve ensures that its students are active members of their community.

Person running
Mr. Ryan, Half Marathon Star!

Way to go Mr. Ryan! We are so proud of the hard work and dedication you've put into your new running journey. POP is so excited to cheer you on for the big race on Federal! 

Preschool on Poze staff
Waddup Party People

Ms. Ryan loves to check in on his crew DAILY! One of his favorite greetings to say is "Waddup party people?!" One of our team members found this adorable Bluey T-shirt & the word spread, so as a team we decided to surprise him with all of us showing up with this shirt, later gifting him one of his own. "We are crew" really shines through when we come together as a work family.

Kids wearing special eclipse glasses
Learning made fun!

Teachers prepared their students by creating AMAZING masks to help our district's youngest learners to protect their eyes during this once in every 20 years event!

Kids wearing special eclipse glasses
Staff looking at the eclipse
Staff member
Kids wearing special eclipse glasses
Solar Eclipse 2024

Thanks to our director Mr. Ryan, those who were given permission were able to enjoy the eclipse safely by wearing special glasses... thank you Mr. Ryan!

Students looking at the eclipse
Kids wearing special eclipse glasses
Staff looking at the eclipse
Kids wearing special eclipse glasses
Preschool students and teachers
Preschool students
Preschool students playing

The students at POP had an excellent day playing in the sun & showing their families what they learn all year long! Young Athlete's Day 2024 was a success!

Dino school and students
Preschool assembly
Teacher with child

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